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ISCELLI offers cellular and molecular therapies

that provide you an opportunity to benefit to the fullest potential from your own body – Not from drugs or surgery.

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ISCELLI fully understand how encountering a serious illness is a life altering event and is often met with uncertainty and unease about the future. ISCELLI is diligently working to give patients the immense healing power of the stem cells and peptides molecules helping them regain their quality of life and their families moving forward in their challenging journey. Living their lives better and sharing their testimonials continues to raise awareness and encourage others to find this alternative and newer form of medicine.


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ISCELLI gives you hope where you and others have given up.

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ISCELLI or Integrative Stem Cell Institute brings together an international disease-specific team of professionals that includes a full range of clinical knowledge and laboratory experience to ensure that stem cell bench work -the work done in the laboratory- can be successfully translated into clinical stem cell treatments.


ISCELLI is committed to supporting the highest ethical standards of medicine through sound and responsible stem cell therapeutics. To better understand the therapeutic impact and monitor the safety of adult stem cell, ISCELLI follows protocols previously reviewed and approved by a Hospital Ethics Committee and provides for on-going oversight for both safety and clinical results.


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