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Most Advanced Cell Expansion & Banking

Cell culture expansion is the most advanced and highest level of cell processing. Though most of research showing dramatic clinical results that you read about comes from the use of adult culture expanded mesenchymal stem cells (eMSCs), this type of therapy is presently offered by very few private institutions in the world. ISCELLI is one of these few!



LEADING EDGE OF BIO-SAFETY  The process of separating, multiplying and storing the cells used for the ISCELLI’S therapies is the leading edge of bio-safety applied to regenerative medicine.

The cellular laboratory providing us the cellular culture expansion uses a patented processing and banking methods to ensure the genetic integrity and uniformity of cells produced in quantities never before possible.

The stem cell culture expansion process involves:


a) separation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from a patient’s 5-10cc fat tissue sample.


b) a passaged culture process that exponentially multiplies the separated cells into over a billion of identical copies of MSCs over a 6-8 week period (our cells never go more than 4-5 passage as to their best potential).


c) safe preservation  of the expanded stem cells under a banking technology that ensures the best conditions for the short term application or long term storage.


ISCELLI’s patients receive their expanded stem after they have been extensively tested before, during, and upon completion of the culture cell banking process in order to guarantee the safety of the patient and the greatest potential of the cells. ISCELLI’s expanded mesenchymal stem cells offer no risk of rejection, as they are guaranteed to be a 100% match with their donor-recipient.




UNSURPASSED TECHNOLOGY. After the stem cells have been cultured, a patient’s Master Cell Bank is created. Using specialized cryogenic tubes, the cells are placed in cryogenic storage boxes and into the cryogenic storage tanks for a controlled freezing process that prepares the cells for short or long term storage or until the cells are needed for application. This technique is very important for maintaining the viability of the stem cells that you will be using on your therapy.

REPEATABILITY. There is no limit to how many times you can receive cells that are cultured and banked for your medical use. The technology used allows you to access to our expansion services for your cells when you need them and as often as you need them.

WHY BANKING NOW? Banking your cells now provides the opportunity to multiply and utilize your now younger, healthier and more numerous cells that you may need soon or later in case of illness or accident, or as an anti-aging natural therapy

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