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How is Stem Cell Therapy Done

ISCELLI believes that focus on one single cell type never does as well as a rich mix of cell types. Having the ability to choose from different levels of processing cells and from multiple specialized methods of cell transplant makes ISCELLI one of the very few private companies formally providing the best for tissue regeneration and healing.



Our Cellular Processing Program exists to facilitate a safe development of cellular therapies from initial processing in the lab to final application in clinical practice. ISCELLI can process stem cell at any of the following levels of processing. ISCELLI is one of the very few private medical entities providing stem cells at a Level-3.

Levels of processing stem cells

LEVEL 1 PROCESS– Centrifugation. A level 1 process is the most basic form of stem cell therapy. It is defined as a basic centrifuge concentration procedure of bone marrow cells, some of which are stem cells. At this level of therapy, that mixture of nucleated cells is most typically re-implanted into the patient via local or intra-articular (joints) injection immediately upon centrifugation.

  • This is the level of stem cells process most typically used by orthopedic or medical practitioners treating joints and spine conditions.


LEVEL 2 PROCESS– Minimal Processing. A level 2 is defined as one in which stem cells are in fact extracted from a sample of fat cells usually taken from the patient’s abdomen. These extracted cell are “stromal vascular fraction (SVF)” or sample containing different types of nucleated cells, among them, a small percentage are in fact stem cell.


These stem cells are not expanded or multiplied a posteriori in the lab but they are generally conditioned with various growth factors to activate the cells before the immediate application to the patient. Example of this level 2 of stem cell therapy is the by which fat cells are obtained by a minilipo, an SVF is isolated in the office and combined with PRP, a growth factor, or a laser. before its application or transplant.

  • This is the level of therapy practiced almost universally by any medical provider or physician limiting his/her cellular therapy to the US territory Level.


LEVEL 3 PROCESS– Culture Expansion. Level 3 represents the most advanced and complex approach to stem cell therapy for which specialized experience and a sophisticated and expensive laboratory is required. Level 3 is defined by the use of advanced cell culture techniques to expand cell numbers for yield of adipose-derived mesenchymal type stem cells (AMSCs). Only under this level of cell processing, stem cells can be expanded up to a requested number. 


ISCELLI is one of the very few private company providing stem cells at level three.



Our Clinical Transplant  Program is designed to provide the culture expanded stem cells in the way most indicated for the patient to get the best results, going from the basic local injection to the most advanced and most technically challenging procedure.

Levels of processing stem cells

LEVEL 1 – Basic Application. This is the most basic method of stem cell application based on an intravenous (IV) injection, intra-lesion (local) injection, and intra-articular (joint) knee injection of stem cells. This basic application is the method most commonly used the level 1 of stem cell therapy practice.


LEVEL 2 – Intermediate Application. This level requires expertise and utilizes a stem cells placement within a location deeper in the patient’s body.

Examples of this level of expertise on delivering stem cells will be an intravitreal (eye) injection, an intra-lymph nodes injection, and an intra-articular (joint) shoulder and hips injection under fluoroscopic guidance, among other methods.

LEVEL 3 – Advanced Application. This level of application of stem cells is the most technically challenging. It requires a medical or surgical specialist with a high level of expertise and interventional experience to deliver the cells. This advanced process may involve a higher risk an organ of location within the body of greater risk as well as the use of an endovascular catheterization or an intra-operative placement.


Examples of this level would be an intra-discal stem cell placement with fluoroscopy, an intra-nodal (lymphatic) placement under ultrasound, an intra-organ (brain, pancreas, kidneys) placement by endovascular catheterization, or an intra-operative (intra-medullar, intra-ligament) direct placement of stem cells.


ISCELLI is one of the very few private company providing stem cells at level three.

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