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ISCELLI is leading the cell industry

For patients and families suffering from chronic disease or injury, the promise of cellular therapies and molecular support offers great hope. ISCELLI is dedicated to improving your quality of life and for you to discovering the fullest potential of your own body.

ISCELLI or Integrative Stem Cell Institute

ISCELLI is a medical company based in South Florida, in the U.S. and leader in providing integrated therapeutic cellular services in the field of regenerative medicine. ISCELLI brings together a international disease-specific team that include a full range of clinical knowledge and laboratory experience to ensure that bench work -the work done in the laboratory- can be successfully translated into clinical treatments.


Highest ethical standards of medicine

ISCELLI is committed to supporting the highest ethical standards of medicine through sound and responsible stem cell therapeutics. To better understand the therapeutic impact and monitor the safety of adult stem cell and peptides molecules therapy, ISCELLI follows protocols previously subjected to review and approval by a Hospital Ethics Committee or an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB), mandates a comprehensive informed consent process, and provides for on-going oversight for both safety and clinical results.


Our commitment

ISCELLI’s visionary approach continues to drive and improve the quality of life of thousands of individuals, with a concerted focus to make this therapy accessible to most in the near future.


In another challenge, the FDA has taken the position that an individual’s own stem cells are considered a drug if they have been culture expanded; therefore, an individual may not use his or her own cells in the United States for any therapy of a medical condition until clinical trials have been conducted, even if these trials can take years to complete.  Following the successful conclusion of clinical trials over the present and incoming years ISCELLI will seek approval from the FDA to provide stem cell therapies in the United States to different medical conditions. In the meantime, to meet the immediate needs of our patients, we took steps to comply with the regulations established by COFEPRIS –the comparable FDA in Mexico – and work with the well established, certified, and licensed Hospital in Cancun where qualified licensed physicians make it possible for our patients to receive today their own cultured stem cells and peptide molecules for therapeutic purposes.

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