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Our Patients Testimonials  

At ISCELLI, we always tell our patients that we don’t want to keep our practice a secret and if they are satisfied with our medical care and our therapies they should provide the same opportunity for others. Every new patient is requested to inform us how he or she heard of us. And indeed, we are quite pleased to find out that most existing patients are very appreciative and show gratitude by sending us family, friends, co-workers or simple acquaintances. These patients are constantly more likely to be compliant and satisfied than other patients and make sure to let us know.

Erectile Dysfunction

“I suffered a traumatic injury to the groin years ago which resulted in erectile dysfunction. The damage was extensive and I sought out stem cell therapy at ISCI in an attempt to reverse the condition. Prior to treatment I had very little function and had to rely on prescription medication. I had the treatment done using stem cells from my own fat. In the weeks following treatment, I experienced dramatic improvements in function reaching the level of curative. The cells repaired the damage like nothing else ever could. There was no more need for medication and my body was functioning as nature intended.


In addition, I had three other conditions that were reversed by stem cell therapy. Peripheral neuropathy, chronic sinusitis, and chronic lower back pain which were all compromising my quality of life and my ability to work on a daily basis. Following treatment these conditions were all reversed and I couldn’t be any happier returning to a life free from that suffering.


One thing I would like to emphasize is the incredible care provided to me by my doctor…Dr. Castillo. He has definitely gone above and beyond. He is a fantastic doctor, true healer and a rare individual. It is through his compassion and his sincere dedication to genuinely improving the health of his patients that I am free from the suffering previously endured. His staff was all truly great and helpful at coordinating my treatment and making it a seamless easy process. I feel lucky to have found such an innovative life changing therapy provided by some great people at ISCELLI…and for that I am eternally grateful.”



“I have C.O.P.D. I’ve been dealing with this illness for years but when I did stem cell therapy slowly but surely I started feeling much better. I was constantly coughing for months and now I rarely cough at all. I’m extremely grateful that I was able to have this procedure for it has made a huge difference in my life.”

Mercedes H.


Joint and Muscle pain

“I was injured in a car accident some time ago suffering significant trauma and damage to my left shoulder. I spent months going to therapy 3 times per week as well as months taking medications from which I started having secondary effects. My mobility was not improving and the constant pains as well as more severe and frequent sudden pains were greatly interfering with my daily routine.


I started giving up hope when I came across ISCELLI. After my medical consultations I decided to have an initial stem cell treatment in Miami and culture and bank my own stem cells. Eight weeks later I flew to Cancun where I IV some of my cultured stem cells and some through local application to my shoulder and neck area that were also combined with stem cells from my own bone marrow for greater results.


It was amazing. Almost immediately, I began to feel improvement in my shoulder and the sudden intense pain episodes were gone.


After my application in Cancun, I had two additional PRP (platelet rich plasma) applications at the Clinic and today is the day that my shoulder is as good as new! I no longer have any pain and I am able to fully engage in all my regular activities, including my gym. I am more than pleased with the results.

Martha P.

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