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Travel to Cancun for Treatment


As additional research is done on the healing power of the stem cells, immense therapeutic potential is being uncovered to heal patients previously treated for a variety of disorders with acute and chronic tissue damage. At this time, ISCELLI is exclusively providing all its culture expanded stem cell therapies at the Hospital Galenia in Cancun.

When it is all about your health,
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2. HOSPITAL: Hospital Galenia

Galenia understands that your visit as a patient from another country is a need for the most valuable reason, your health. Hospital Galenia is a private medical institution open to the general public since the year 2006 and with particular attention and great service to foreign patients and tourists.  Galenia’s staff is committed to providing you the medical services needed and does so with special care and a great level of understanding and tolerance. Today, after working together with us for over the past five years, all our patients have been extremely satisfied and grateful for Galenia’s commitment.


The Four Points Cancun Centro – (Adjacent to Hospital)

This brand new Sheraton hotel is ideal for patients or families staying only overnight in Cancun. The hotel is adjacent to the Hospital Galenia and has direct access to the hospital lobby. The hotel has full services and amenities, including a roof-top gym and pool with a great view of the city of Cancun.




The Zona Hotelera

If your treatment requires staying in Cancun for a few days, or simply you will want to take advantage of your trip to the beautiful and modern Cancun and stay longer, these Marriot Resorts are the ”place” for you and family to stay. We encourage patients to stay at one of these specific three hotels where our medical and nursing staff are fully permitted to make house calls, accompany you overnight if requested, and our transportation service can pick-up patients at any time (most other hotels- and specifically all inclusive hotels in the area – do not allow our medical personnel into the rooms or on the premises) Alternatively, you may elect to stay at a hotel of your choice but we may not be able to provide any extra medical services or attention.

The Marriot Resort Cancun (Hotels Zone at Cacun’s Beach) 

These luxurious Marriot Resorts and Spa are right in the heart of Cancun’s “hotel zone” with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea. They are next to each other making our medical service to you easier and safer. The three resorts are approximately a 15-20 minute drive from both Hospital Galenia and Cancun’s airport.



Casa Magna Marriott Cancun Resort


JW Marriott Cancun Resort


Ritz Carlton Marriot Cancun Resort





Cancun’s International Airport is just a short flight away from Miami (75 minutes). When traveling from the United States or Canada you will be arriving at the Cancun airport’s International Terminal 2 or 3. As soon as you clear customs and are ready to meet your driver, you will need to exit through some automatic glass doors at the end of a long hall and walk straight out to the main street area (follow exit signs). This is the area where your assigned driver will be waiting for you (drivers are outside of the airport, unlike the US where drivers wait inside the arrival area). Please look for a driver holding a sign with your name on it.


We will monitor your flight arrival, so if your flight is delayed or arrives before its scheduled time your driver will already be aware of the change. Please contact our office via phone or email only in the case of missing your flight or a change in your arrival flight number.

Recommendation: Do not stop at the Tours Information or Travel Advisory Booths in your way out at the Cancun International Airport, as they maybe TIME SHARE vendors who will ask to try and sell you vacation plans.

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