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The power of healing is within

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ISCELLI’s stem cell therapy uses your body’s “most basic natural material” stem cells, to grow, repair or regenerate new cells that your body needs to heal. Stem cells are “unspecialized” cells, meaning they are “blanks” that can be developed into other types of cells that are required to repair or replace damaged tissue.


A baby starts to form within his or her mother’s womb as an embryo and the “embryonic” cells divide very rapidly during the earliest few weeks of pregnancy to develop the organs and different tissue types of the body. During the following weeks and months of pregnancy the forming baby’s “adult” cells divide rapidly to allow for growth of the organs and entire body. After the person becomes an adult, most cells multiply themselves only to replace worn-out or dying cells or to repair injuries. Only the ‘adult’ type stem cells live in us from time before birth and through our entire life.



Stem cells are “unspecialized” cells, meaning they are “blanks” that can be developed into other types of cells that are required to repair or replace damaged tissue. To that effect, stem cells can:

• multiply in a much greater number

• differentiate into other type of tissue (formation of new bone, cartilage, tendon, ligaments, fat, and fibrous connective tissue)

• help to repair and repair the damaged body (a process called plasticity)

Although stem cells exist naturally in each person, at times they are not released into a person’s bloodstream in quantities sufficient enough to repair damage throughout the body. By obtaining stem cells from a patient and relocating them to an affected area, stem cell therapy can provide relief of damaged tissues.

What types of stem cells does ISCELLI use for therapy?

ISCELLI understands that focusing on one cell type never does as well as on many cell types. We believe a rich mix of different cells is mostly needed for tissue regeneration -that’s the way our body does it, anyway-  so we have options to decide on your best potential treatment with one or all types of cells available.

1. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). By seeking out areas of injury and destruction from disease they can:

• develop themselves into various cell types: bone, cartilage, muscle, nerve, fat cell, and beta cell of the pancreas, among others

• reduce the inflammation in an affected area (when the inflammation is reduced repair can start and take place)

• regenerate tissue and accelerate healing (by secreting proteins and peptides and stimulating other cells)


2. Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs). Reside mainly in the bone marrow of the large bones and their primary functions are:

• cause the formation of new blood vessels (called angiogenesis)

• being the primary engine of new bone and cartilage formation

• up regulate the release of growth factors, and other stem cells from the bone marrow


3. Stromal Vascular Cells (SVF). They are isolated mainly from fat tissue and they constitute a very important therapeutic element. They have most of everything needed for regenerative therapy (regenerative stem cells, growth factors, fat cells, attached progenitor cells, T regulatory cells, monocytes and fat itself acting as a 3-d matrix)



What is the source of those adult stem cells?

Choosing from adipose tissue, bone marrow, and cord blood can provide a more consistent and physiologically relevant foundation that can readily integrate into your workflow.


1. Adipose (Fat) Tissue is the greatest source of adult mesenchymal stem cells. Only a small sample of fat is collected from the abdomen via mini-liposuction and under local anesthesia. It is an in office procedure and takes about 45 minutes.


2. Bone Marrow Tissue is the greatest source of adult hematopoietic stem cells. Only a small sample is harvested from inside the hip bone under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The procedure takes 15 minutes and is quite safe.


3. Umbilical Cord is the greatest source of stem cells with embryonic-like factors. Like all post-natal cells they are “adult” stem cells and reside in the umbilical cords of newborn babies. Donated cords are the by-products of normal, healthy births at our affiliate Hospital Galenia in Cancun and each cord is carefully screened for sterility and infectious diseases under international blood bank standards. ISCELLI utilizes these stem cells to regenerate damaged cells of the central nervous system.

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