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Non-healing, chronic wounds cause tremendous suffering and debilitation. There’s a lot more that we physicians can do for patients who struggle with this problem. We—and our patients—need to understand that we must work together to improve overall health. Many times this can be the difference between recovery and amputation—or worse

ICELLI has treated some of these common skin and soft tissue conditions:

Post Radiation Breast – Pressure Ulcers – Diabetic Foot Ulcers – Venous Stasis Ulcers                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Post Radiation Breast: After the initial dose of radiation, tissue damage occurs immediately, and every subsequent fraction of radiation generates inflammatory cell recruitment. Acute radiation dermatitis is the combined result of a decrease in the functional stem cells, changes in the skin’s endothelial cells, inflammation, and eventually skin-cell necrosis.
  • Pressure Ulcers: Result from significantly reduced blood flow to an area of the body exposed to prolonged pressure over a bony prominence, mainly in patients confined to bed.
  • Venous Stasis Ulcers: Result from reduced oxygen in areas of venous congestion in the lower extremity.
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Result from neuro-impairment of musculo-skeletal balance, immune compromise, and peripheral vascular disease adding infection to these wounds. Diabetic ulcers are responsible for most foot and leg amputations in the  United States.




OVERVIEW –  Stem cell therapy can be the absolute difference between recovery and amputation

Acute wounds generally proceed through an orderly and timely reparative process that results in spontaneous restoration of the affected tissue. However, various factors may impair the healing response, being the most frequent:  local infection, hypoxia, malnutrition, trauma, foreign bodies, diabetes mellitus, immunodeficiency, or medications. Chronic wounds affect 5.7 million patients in US costing an estimated 20 billion dollars annually.


SKIN & SOFT TISSUE DISEASE SAMPLE –  Chronic or Non-healing Wounds


How can stem cell therapy work for you?


Adult stem cells isolated from bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue have been successfully applied to problem wounds in the form of multiple local or endovenous injections in cases of venous insufficiency. This therapy provides injured tissue with pluri-potential stem cells that develop into durable tissue and elaborate growth factors, cytokines, tissue growth factor beta and platelet derived wound healing factors.


In treating chronic diabetic ulcers, ISCELLI also applies hyperbaric oxygen therapy before and after stem cell transplants to increase the oxygen saturation of plasma, raising the partial pressure available to tissues. The overall result in most cases is a relatively fast healing and a significant drop in the risk of major amputation. Finally, the activation of cell with the addition of IV nutrition is imperative to increase fibroblast proliferation, help neo-vascularization and increase cellular and humoral immunity.


Are you living with non-healing wound disease?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a skin and soft tissue injury or chronic wound disease you may be able to improve your quality of life through ISCELLI’s stem cell treatments. You can call us and learn whether stem cell or peptide molecular treatment is right for you.

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